3D Smart Cleaning

3D Smart Cleaning

The challenge

Currently street sweepers have several technological limitations that result in high maintenance costs of the bodywork and suction port :


  • The operator's vision must focus simultaneously on the waste to be collected and on the way forward.


  • The rise and fall of the suction port when climbing sidewalks or dips is not automated.


Damage to the machinery causes deficiencies in the service such as inefficiency in the waste suction or machinery stop.

The solution

Develop a functional and economically viable prototype based on the design of a package of innovative solutions including three elements: hardware, mechanical system and specific and cross-sectional control software for both parts, which are adapted to sweepers, achieve aspiration automation by improving efficiency and accuracy as well as worker safety.

Innovations / Improvements

  • Cost savings in maintenance and repair by preventing collisions in the suction port.
  • Greater efficiency in street sweeping. Since constant hits s to the suction port do not occur, the sweeper is not stopped for so long.
  • Higher quality in the service we offer.
  • Improvement in worker's safety.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions when driving more efficiently.


This project has been funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)