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Actions taken by Sacyr during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Actions taken by Sacyr during the Covid-19 pandemic


    Donations in Spain, Portugal, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay for the purchase of health equipment.

    Donation of food. Cafestore, the manager of the group’s service areas, has delivered more than 2,000 kg of food to associations or foundations involved in this issue. Donations have been made in Valencia, Vitoria, Mollina (Malaga), Arroyo de la Miel (Malaga), Tudela (Navarra) and Cabezón de la Sal (Cantabria).

    We have also participated in Colombia with the donation of food baskets.

    Hospital concessions. Sacyr Concessions, which manages seven hospitals in Spain, Portugal, Chile and Mexico, has carried out all actions available to it to deal with this crisis in the two centers located in the epicenter of the disease: Infanta Cristina University Hospital (Parla) and Henares University Hospital (Coslada):

    • Increase of more than 100 bedsto cope with the rise in patients, increasing their number to 150% of those that existed before this crisis;
    • Purchase of many items of equipment and strengthening of the workforce as a result of this expansion, with more porters and cleaning staff.
    • Strengthening of TIGAs [Transporte Interno y Gestión Auxiliar, Internal Transport and Auxiliary Management] in hospitals and inpatient hotels: 26 new people hired. (03/26)
    • Strengthening of cleaning staff: 11 new people hired (03/26)
    • Overtime by all staff, including maintenance and concession staff.
    • Purchase of patient beds (around 90) plus acceptance of hotel beds. Purchase of 21 ICU beds, purchase of all required equipment: flowmeters, bedside tables, IV stands, stretchers, Pyxis, etc.
    • Waste, laundry, catering: increased services due to greater volume of waste, clothing, hospital stays and on-call doctors, increased cleaning products and bathroom supplies, etc.
    • Free TV in all rooms since before being requested by the Autonomous Community of Madrid
    • Incorporation of personnel in the hotels fitted out to care for patients, one in Parla and one in Coslada.
    • Full-time management of the crisis with the hospital’s clinical management; they have delegated any necessary infrastructure actions to our teams.
    • Additionally, due to the current situation, a working group between the Spain and Portugal facilities has been created to share the measures taken in Madrid with our colleagues in Braga, Vila Franca and the Azores. It has joined forces with the transport interchanges team, which is also taking action on its facilities to prevent any contagion among its users.

    Parking spaces. Sacyr Concessions has made free spaces available in the parking garage at Calle Daoiz y Velarde (Madrid) to health workers who need them.  It is also keeping the Moncloa (Madrid) parking garage open and free of charge for health personnel who need it.

    Rent holidays. Sacyr Concessions has granted rent holidays to tenants of commercial premises in the hospitals and interchanges that it manages and in the Setas de Sevilla.

    At Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid. The Sacyr Engineering and Infrastructure team is promoting initiatives to increase the number of beds in the hospital. It has already increased capacity by more than 49 beds. The first action was taken in just 24 hours: in the oncology block, an area was repurposed to accommodate 28 new admission beds.

    The second was the repurposing of the library, which is located in the surgical block, to provide 21 new ICU beds. We are also continuing to work on new actions to provide up to 60 new beds in addition to those created in the hospital in areas adjacent to the library.


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