Maresme Center for Waste Recovery

Maresme Center for Waste Recovery

Concession of public works for the expansion and adaptation of the Maresme Integral Waste Recovery Center, Mataró (Barcelona)as well as its operation. The center has capacity for 190,000 t/y of municipal solid waste including Recycling processes, Anaerobic Digestion and Energetic Valorization (Waste to Energy), and 25,000 t/y of Source Separated Organic waste treatment as well as waste transfer processes.

Once the work was completed and received by the Administration, the contract for the operation and maintenance of that plant was signed.

The following processes are managed at the facility: waste remaining fraction recycling, composting, biomethanisation, water treatment and incineration.


Population served

190,000 t/year

Treatment capacity

109.4 GWhe/year

Electric Generation