angle-left Cafestore Hospitals: H. Infanta Cristina (Parla - Madrid)

Cafestore Hospitals: H. Infanta Cristina (Parla - Madrid)

Catering service in cafeterias-restaurants and food for patients.

The cafeterias of the Infanta Cristina Hospital, in the town of Parla (Madrid's Autonomous Government), are run by Cafestore. There you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a simple snack to make your stay with us more pleasant. Our cafeterias offer a wide range of snacks and a self-service restaurant where you can enjoy a full menu. We also run the catering service for hospital patients.
We have catering services inside the hospital building, for any type of event or celebration.



Av. 9 de junio, 2. 28921 Parla (Madrid).


Services we provide you:

Cafeteria and self-service restaurant for the public - Self-service restaurant for staff - Catering service for patients - Special catering service for events organised by the hospital.


Opening hours:

Open to the public from Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 a.m. to 22:30 p.m.