The challenge

In cities (and throughout our environment), communications networks operate as centralized mesh networks. Occasionally significant saturation occurs when all users in an area are mass-connected.

This occurs mainly in large crowds, concerts, sporting events, demonstrations and emergencies where communication is most necessary.

The solution

Develop a software and hardware system composed of small embedded devices capable of measuring and communicating information in a network created ad-hoc, which would be deployed in the services of cities to transmit data from them.

With the interoperability of the useful data obtained, the smart management of the city would be made more efficient and effective by passing all through the same network, being the city’s own network.

Innovations / Improvements

  •  Cost savings and improvement in telecommunications security.
  •  Adaptability to any future and current technology.
  •  Increase the city's resilience, being prepared for any catastrophe, offering constant communication between the City Council and the citizen, without network saturations.


This project has been funded by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism under the AEESD call.