angle-left Preservation of National Heritage Gardens

Preservation of National Heritage Gardens

Service is provided in gardens classified as Cultural Interest Assets, in the category of Historical Gardens, distributed throughout the national territory:

  • Campo del Moro Gardens
  • Palacio de El Pardo Gardens
  • El Pardo Madrid Gardens
  • La Casita del Príncipe Gardens
  • La Quinta Gardens
  • El Monasterio Gardens
  • La Isla Gardens
  • El Príncipe Gardens
  • Isabel II Gardens
  • Palacio de La Granja Gardens
  • Palacio de Riofrio Gardens

Maintenance requirements are high due to the complexity involved in the diversity of styles present in the gardens, such as Neoclassical and Renaissance styles, both with French and English landscape influences.


of grassland


Specimens of Historical trees


Trees planted (2015-2019)