angle-left Deliquo Campo de las Naciones (Madrid)

Deliquo Campo de las Naciones (Madrid)

Catering service in cafeteria and restaurant:

In its Campo de las Naciones restaurant, Deliquo provides a full public catering service, with a show kitchen, where we feed people healthily and providing variety and different cooking styles to make the user’s choice as varied and rapid as possible.

From the most traditional to the healthiest breakfasts. From a Spanish omelette tapa to the most balanced or energetic sandwiches. From a red tea to 100% Arabica ecological coffee. From a quinoa salad, to your favourite grilled fish. Diverse, customisable, healthy and balanced, and in addition, to take away however and whenever you want. And whatever you need for your company events.

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Avenida del Partenón, 16-18. 28042 Madrid.



+34 91 059 95 65