Skikda SWRO Desalination Plant

Skikda SWRO Desalination Plant

Construction, operation and expansion of the Desalination Plant in Skidda (Algeria).

The GEIDA consortium, formed by Sacyr Agua, Abengoa and ACS, designed, built and currently operates and maintains the Skidda's Seawater Desalination Plant in Algeria for drinking water production.

The plant has a desalinated water production capacity of 100 000 m3/d. The construction began in 2006 and it was launched in 2009.

Client: Algerian Energy Company

Contract type: PPP

The process consists of::

  • Open seawater intake
  • Pretreatment using Pressure Filters
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Remineralization




Flow rate (m3/d)

25 years

Contract period


Sacyr's participation