To determine the real potential of using drones to develop research work, environmental impact studies, inspection and maintenance in aquatic spaces.


Development of a submarine drone equipped with 1080p camera optimized for the marine environment, side-scan sonar, multiparameter probe, sampler and GPS positioner. 

The submarine drone, together with all the auxiliary equipment, will allow to carry out inspection and surveillance of marine works, environmental monitoring or control tasks.

Main Data

Development of an submarine drone equipped with a 1080p camera specifically optimized for the marine environment, side-scan sonar and multiparameter probe

  • Project duration: 01/03/2018-01/03/2020
  • Funding: Own Funding
  • Budget: 54.600,00 €
  • Participating entities: Sacyr Agua and Nido Robotics


Project's strengths:

  • Submarine drone
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Cost reduction
  • Improved efficiency in water treatment plants