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Life Deseacrop


To demonstrate the sustainable management of the desalination of seawater for the production of crops in closed and soilless systems, and improve efficiency in the treatment of drainage flows to increase the efficiency of water use and its productivity and preserve the environment.


After comparing, in both soil and soilless systems, the effect of crop irrigation with desalinated water, well water and mixture of both, the greatest production has been obtained at the soilless system irrigated with desalinated water.

Main Data

Desalinated seawater for alternative and sustainable soilless crop production

  • Project duration: 01/11/2017-30/10/2020
  • Funding: Project co-financed by the European Community through THE LIFE  financial instrument, with contract No LIFE16 ENV/ES/000341
  • Budget: 1.048.026 €
  • Website: 
  • Participating entities: Polytechnic University of Cartagena, Sacyr Agua, University of Almería and Community of Water Users of the Region of Níjar

Project's strengths:

  • Desalination for agriculture
  • Treatment and reuse of drainage
  • Treatment with renewable energies
  • Improvement of aquifer quality