Arroyo Quiñones WWTP (Madrid)

Arroyo Quiñones WWTP (Madrid)

Design, construction and operation of Arroyo Quiñones WWTP in Madrid.
The WWTP is located in the municipality of San Sebastian de los Reyes, in the basin of the Jarama River. This WWTP treats a flow rate of 45,700 m3/day with a load of 172,500 inhabitants equivalent. The residual water comes from the Madrid-based populations of Algete, Alcobendas and the municipal area where the plant is located.

The treatment process consists of:

  • Pretreatment
  • Primary settlers
  • Biological treatment by active sludge with biological nutrient removal
  • Secondary settlers
  • Treatment of sludge by gravity thickener (primary sludge), flotation thickener (secondary sludge), anaerobic digestion and dehydration by centrifuge. 


Treated volume (m3/d)


Equivalent inhabitants


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