angle-left Repsol Cartagena IWWTP

Repsol Cartagena IWWTP

Design, construction and commissioning of the High Load and High salinity Industrial WWTP for Repsol in the framework of the Repsol Cartagena Refinery Expansion Project (C10 project). EPC contract.
The wastewater treatment process consists of pre-treatment with API separation system, Sulphide oxidation tank, Dissolved Air Flotation and Biological Treatment with nutrient removal (plug flow type reactor), secondary settlement. Sludge treatment with oily and biological sludge storage, gravity thickener and dewatering by centrifuge.
Effluent must comply with the limits of discharge to the Mediterranean Sea (public channel).
Treatment capacity of 4.128 m3/d, with an organic load equivalent to more than 40.000 inhabitants-equivalents.


Treated volume (m3/d)

3 years

Contract duration


Sacyr's participation