angle-left Helados Alacant IWWTP

Helados Alacant IWWTP

Design, construction and operation for more than 10 years of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Helados Alacant manufacturing industry.
Currently, in phase of expansion capacity and contract extension to 25-year concession contract.
The water treatment process consists of pretreatment, roughing and sieving, physical-chemical treatment by flotation dissolved air flotation and biological treatment by Membrane Bioreactor (MBR).
Sludge treatment with mechanical thickening and centrifugal dewatering.
Tertiary treatment with additional filtration and disinfection for reuse.
The whole plant is built in a closed and deodorized building, being extremely compact.
Treatment capacity of 700 m3/d, with an organic load equivalent to more than 120.000 equivalent inhabitants.

720 m3/d

Volume treated

31 years

Contract duration


Sacyr's participation