angle-left Aguas del Valle de Guadiaro

Aguas del Valle de Guadiaro


Aguas del Valle del Guadiaro ( manages the Integrated Water Cycle of the Center of National Tourist Interest in Sotogrande and Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro (Spain). It carryes out the following operations:

  • Operation and maintenance of existing infrastructure
  • Collection of drinking water. It is mainly supplied by the Guadiaro river and the Commonwealth of Municipalities of Campo de Gibraltar
  • Treatment and disinfection of drinking water. The supply water undergoes a potabilization process through filtration and disinfection
  • Distribution from storage points to customers' homes
  • Collection and transportation of waste water produced
  • Wastewater treatment and discharge in two treatment plants (EDAR Puerto and EDAR Playa)
  • Tertiary treatment for wastewater regeneration and its subsequent reuse for irrigation of parks and gardens and other uses
  • Quality control of reclaimed water
  • Commercial billing, collection and customer service processes


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35 años

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