Geothermal-Road: Geothermal energy melting system

Geothermal-Road: Geothermal energy melting system


Reduction in the number of accidents through improved road maintenance.
Use of renewable energy for the development of innovative de-icing systems at critical road points.
Eliminating the use of brine as an ice melter at these critical points.


The system consists of geothermal probes between 25 and 30 meters deep and a drilling diameter of 150mm as natural exchargers. The ground acts as an evaporator, the CO2 is propelled upwards by density difference or convection, and the road acts as a condenser, absorbing energy that will prevent frost.

Development of an innovative low-cost system for de-icing viaducts based on the use of geothermal energy


1. Use of renewable energy

2. Disposal of brine that may contaminate water resources

3. Low-cost system

4. Reduction of accidents