angle-left Subscriber Management Service of Melilla

Subscriber Management Service of Melilla

The tasks of the Subscriber Management Service and reading of water supply meters in the Autonomous City of Melilla are:

  • Planning, reading of meters and pre-billing of subscribers of the Autonomous City Service with portable reading terminals in the periods established by the Ordinance in force at all times.
  • Documentation and necessary works to contract the supply, as well as the cessation of this.
  • Cutin and cutout to the water supply pipes, seal and seal of water meters.
  • Communication to the subscriber of the existence of abnormal high consumption that could be caused by faults or leaks in the subscriber's interior facilities, as well as any other incident that may derive from the reading of meters and inspection of connections.
  • Attention to claims that occur as established by the corresponding Regulations.
  • Detection and regularization of frauds and illegal hooks detected through the subsequent execution of the supply contract.
  • Continuous updating of the Service's subscriber list.
  • On-site verification of water meters to check their correct operation in the event of detecting anomalies in water consumption, as well as periodic checks of the operation of the meters depending on their age, location and other conditions.
  • Telephone attention for both the Service's own work and the existence of faults in the Supply Networks and transfer of the corresponding part to the Office of Water Resources of the autonomous city of Melilla.


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Sacyr's participation

6 years

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