angle-left GIS- Inventory Items Management Tool

GIS- Inventory Items Management Tool

The challenge

The lack of digitization and automation in the collection of street cleaning and waste collection service management data resulted in the generation of inefficient solutions, as well as high human and economic resource consumption.

Since there are no marketable tools capable of analyzing and managing the inventory items of municipal management activities, the development of the tool itself has been a technological challenge in the sector.

The solution

Development of a comprehensive software tool for inventory, registration and analysis of urban elements and structures, complemented by procedures for the planning and design of individualized management solutions corresponding to waste collection and street cleaning activities.

Innovations / Improvements

• Increases data reliability by not allowing interpretations in the data upload.


• Provides real-time, field-acquired data in the office.


• Time saving due to faster data collection.


• Enables a more comprehensive analysis, improving project quality.


• Enables to automate routes as well as create and model maps in an optimized way.


This project has been funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)