GORDON 2.0-Sustainable Fleet

GORDON 2.0-Sustainable Fleet

The challenge

Currently, the electric vehicles available on the market cannot guarantee a 100% electric street cleaning and waste collection service, with the same characteristics than a fosil fuel fleet.

Some of them do not achieve the minimum performance of batteries and those who do so cannot do demanding work which is usually required in the collection and cleaning services.

To be able to incorporate electric vehicles regardless of their degree of maturity into service, it is necessary to improve their performance.

The solution

Develop an intelligent management software for efficient driving of the electric vehicles of the waste collection fleet which aims to reduce and optimize battery consumption.

This will enable to provide the same services  with the same or better performance as the one currently offered with a fleet of fossil fuel vehicles, avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases and those harmful to health in cities.

Innovations / improvements

•Maximize the autonomy of the electric waste collection fleet.

• Maximize battery life.

• Increase driver safety.

• Offer higher quality services.

• Contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in our cities to zero.


This project has been funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)