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San Finx Mine

San Finx is a historic underground mine located in the Lousame municipality, 30 km from Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia (Northwest Spain). The mine was first opened in 1884, being operated by several companies until its closure in 1990. 

In 2009, the mine was reopened by  Incremento Grupo Inversor, but due to the lack of financing the operations ended in early 2013. Valoriza Minería acquired the mine in 2015 through its subsidiary Tungsten San Finx and has been working hard to adapt it to the current times since then.  The mineralization of the deposit consists of quartz veins with Cassiterite (Tin) and Wolframite (Tungsten). 

Current proven and probable reserves consist of 800.0000 tons of ore, with a grade of 14,91 kg/t: 8,91 kg/t of cassiterite and 6,00 kg/t of wolframite. 

One of the biggest challenges Tungsten San Finx faces is to adapt the historic mine to the needs and techniques of the 21st century. Environment and sustainability are two of Valoriza Minería’s top priorities, which is why exploitation is being adapted to more efficient extraction and mineral processing methods.  At present, Tungsten San Finx continues to work on the authorization to dewater the deepest parts of the underground mine.

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