angle-left Emmasa- IWCM Sta Cruz de Tenerife

Emmasa- IWCM Sta Cruz de Tenerife

EMMASA, state-owned enterprise of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Anónima Society ( has as it social object the management of the Integrated Water Cycle in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, using for this the municipal infrastructures that the City Council puts at its disposal. It includes the following activities:
•    Collection and production of drinking water . Water treatment for the supply of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, EMMASA is supplied with its own resources (Desalination plant and wells) and from private suppliers.
•    Drinking water Treatment and disinfection. Feed water is subjected to different processes, such as desalination, remineralization and disinfection
•    Distribution from storage points to customer's home
•    Operation and maintenance of existing facilities
•    Quality control of drinking water to the committed, ensuring compliance with the required quality criteria. EMMASA's laboratory is internationally accredited AS UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025
•    Collection and transport of waste water produced
•    Treatment, Wastewater purification and/or discharge
•    Tertiary treatment for wastewater regeneration and subsequent reuse for irrigation of parks and gardens and other uses, as well as quality control of this regenerated water
•    Commercial billing, collection and customer service processes that these previous activities generate.

EMMASA has implemented different technological tools to perform efficient management of the integral water cycle, including: 
    1.- Remote control and remote control of the installations, from the control room, laptops or mobile devices
    2.- Geographic information systems (GIS)
    3.- Leak search system 


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