Guadalagua ( is a joint venture formed in 2009 in which Sacyr Agua S.L. (99,9%) and Rayet Medioambiente S.L. participate, which performs the Integrated Water Cycle Management  of the city of Guadalajara (Spain). 

Guadalagua carries out the following operations:

  • Maintenance drinking water supply and sewerage networks of Guadalajara and their pedanies, with the aim of ensuring continuity of service, anticipating fault situations and resolving incidents
  • Maintenance of water tanks. Drinking water comes from the Beleña reservoir, and is treated in the E.T.A.P. of Mohernando, operated by the Aguas del Sorbe Commonwealth, from where it is pumped to the Guadalajara reservoirs. Guadalagua is responsible for the maintenance of the reservoirs, their facilities and surrounding areas
  • Operating the Waste Water Treatment Plant. With a treatment capacity of 45,000 cubic meters of wastewater every day, it has processes for the elimination of nitrogen and phosphorus within the legal limits established. The sludge produced is digested anaerobically for stabilization and renewable electric energy is generated from the biogas produced.
  • Quality Control of drinking water. In accordance with the criteria established by Royal Decree 140/2003. 
  • Maintenance of ornamental water fountaines .
  • Cleaning of riverbeds.
  • Cartography and digitization. Inventory and digitization of the components of the supply and sanitation networks.
  • Meter reading and billing.
  • Water supply for municipal consumption (parks, gardens, street cleaning, polysports and municipal buildings).


Total population served


Sacyr´s participation

25 years

Contract period