Pumping and distribution from Carboneras SWRO Desalination Plant

Pumping and distribution from Carboneras SWRO Desalination Plant

Contract of Operation and Maintenance Services of the infrastructures of pumping and distribution of desalinated water from the installations of the Carboneras SWRO Desalination Plant.

The desalinated water pumping and delivery infrastructure includes the following facilities:

  • Pumping from the head reservoir, consisting of 5+1 centrifugal pumps, with unit power of 2,1 MW. The total installed power is 12.600 kW, capable of driving 240.000 m3/day at 243 m.a.c.
  • Drive pipeline of 19 km length (DN 1400 PN40) using helical welded steel pipes, which reaches the 2 rafts of "Venta del Pobre".
  • Gravity-driven from the rafts through a 16 km main brach (DN1400 PN 20) in reinforced concrete, post-tensioned steel-jacketed, to the 4 branches with a total length of 30 km (DN 500/600 PN 25) in ductile cast.
  • These infrastructures have two tunnels.  One of the tunnels of 600 meters in length and 2,1 meters in diameter and another of 200 meters in length and 2 x 3,7 m in capacity.


Flow rate (m3/día)

4 years

Contract period


Sacyr's participation