InRoad 4.0: Smart Roads

InRoad 4.0: Smart Roads


The objective of the InRoad 4.0 project is to research various technologies, techniques, tools, methodologies and knowledge aimed at optimising the integral road management cycle and its interaction with users, providing an essential technological leap towards Vision 0.


Use of sensors for the continuous evaluation of the state of the road to be able to determine the structural parameters, in addition to the application of artificial intelligence for the characterization and inventory of the signals of the environment by means of algorithms. To this end, the maintenance of vertical and horizontal signals will be automated in order to develop a predictive model. Simulations of flights with drones over critical points of the road infrastructure are included.

InRoad 4.0: Smart Roads for Vision 0 (0 deaths, 0 injuries, 0 congestion and 0 emissions)


1. Application of artificial intelligence

2. Study and use of sensors that determine structural parameters of the road such as CRT, macrotexture, fissures, etc.

3. Use of advanced technologies such as Deep Learning

4. Predictive maintenance