The challenge

During the process of incineration of municipal solid waste, different by-products are generated among wich are slag and ashes.

The flow of slag contains precious metals and other metals with high economic value, as well as material that can be marketed as arid for use in construction, depending on the presence of metals that can contaminate it.

Separation equipment that is currently used in the treatment plants, in most cases, is not economically viable in the final part of the flow and manual triage or shipment to landfill is being used.

The solution

Development an intelligent real-time sorting and selection system for fine-grained solid urban waste treatment flow materials through image recognition;

Allowing the detection and recovery of metals present in the slag produced in the municipal solid waste incineration process.

Innovations / Improvements

• Obtaining higher recovery rates.

• Reduction of the percentage of waste destined for landfill.

• Promotion of the circular economy of the processes in the treatment plants.