angle-left iSafe: Accident prevention

iSafe: Accident prevention


The objective of this project is to minimize the risks derived from the external conditions to which the conservation workers are exposed in their day, by monitoring them, warning them of the risks, detecting accidents due to fainting, falls, etc; and locating the injured worker.


Creation of a light device, of reduced size, low consumption and low maintenance, that allows to have permanently sensorized and located the worker, by means of 5 modules composed by a network of sensors that monitor the time of exposure to the risks, accelerometer with an algorithm that allows to identify the patterns generated by a fainting of the operator, a fall to different level, etc, panic button (SOS), GPS locator and radio frequency transmitter that allows to emit an alert.

Accident prevention device in infrastructure conservation works


1. Accident prevention

2. Improved response in case of accident

3. Low consumption device

4. Use of sensors