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LICA Chiloeches

The challenge

At the Chiloeches out-use tire treatment plant, annually enters about 20-23,000 t of tires per year, of which less than half were being granulated for the separation and of materials that are contained in them: rubber, steel and textile.

The possibility of incorporating tourism tires to the process, available in great proportion at the plant, has collided with the fact that it is not possible to process the volumes of tires available due to the inability of the system with the current configuration. In other words, the starting material and an adequate cleaning process are available, but the current configuration of the equipment does not allow its treatment and the overall production capacity of the system is limited.

The solution.

Carry out a set of actions to improve the productive capacity of the Chiloeches plant, through the implementation of a set of equipment capable of promoting a new configuration of the NFU treatment process.

Innovations / Improvements

  • Minimization of waste resulting from the process
  • Increase in the final quality obtained from the processed fractions
  • Maximization of the production levels of the plant
  • Promotion of the circular economy

This project has been funded by the Center for Industrial Developement (CDTI) and cofinanced by the European Regional Developmet Fund through the Multi-regional Operational Program in Spain ( 2014-2020)