Organic fraction recycling line. Glass

Organic fraction recycling line. Glass

The challenge

Due to the large amount of glass waste destined to landfill it is a necessity to optimize the treatments for their recovery.

In the treatment and recovery plant of Los Hornillos (Valencia), the glass represented after the organic fraction a very high percentage in the fraction of the sieves, being necessary its treatment to optimize its recovery.

The solution

To develop and implement a system capable of optimize the separation and recovery process of non-organic materials through the incorporation of an artificial vision system for the separation of glass, plastics and ferrous materials from all other materials.

Innovations / Improvements

•Higher percentage of material recovery.

•Reduction of material destined for landfill.

•Increased turnover by the management/sale of the recycled material fraction.


This project has been funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)