angle-left Leatache


The challenge

One of the main problems affecting the management of controlled landfills is the generation of leachate with high concentrations of pollutants.


For years, the lack of adequate leachate management systems in the landfills, have produced serious episodes of soil, surface water and groundwater pollution.

The solution

Development of an innovative floating leachate elimination system, based on direct evaporation through submerged biogas combustion.


The solution was to develop a prototype system capable of producing through the evaporation of leachates, generated as a result of the implementation of a landfill, biogas with a defined composition.

Innovations / Improvements

• Improved landfill management through the elimination of leachates.

• Improved knowledge and treatment of leachates.

• Reduction in the environmental impact generated by landfills.


This project has been funded by the Center for the development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)