angle-left Bajo Guadalquivir Public Health Agency

Bajo Guadalquivir Public Health Agency

Contract Name:Comprehensive maintenance of the High Resolution Hospitals of the Public Health Agency Bajo Guadalquivir: De Utrera, Constantina, Morón, Lebrija, Écija and La Janda.

Client: Public Health Agency Bajo Guadalquivir

The services we provide are:

  • Low and medium voltage electrical installation
  • Electricity: High and low voltage
  • Maintenance of HVAC equipment
  • Hot and cold water distribution networks
  • Sanitation and wastewater treatment facility
  • Maintenance of Fire protection facilities
  • Fuel Propane Gas (G.L.P.) facilities
  • Maintenance Sterilization systems and equipment
  • Maintenance of medicinal gases, medical air and vacuum facilities
  • Imaintenance of communications and data facilities
  • Special Facilities: Operating rooms and intervention rooms
    with the same treatment
  • Special facilities: Server rooms

68, 498

Surface area


Beds in total


Operating room in total

+ 40