Multacar - Regulated Parking Service Car

Multacar - Regulated Parking Service Car

The challenge

 Currently many routes for monitoring the regulated parking service are made by the controllers on foot.

This implies a physically demanding job for the controller that often results in health problems.

In addition, when walking, the performance speed of these routes is low.

The solution

Monitoring of violations in the regulated parking service by means of a vehicle equipped with a system which is fixed at the top of the car that performs readings and control of license plates as well as the treatment of violations at the driving speed and in real time.

The system consists of digital cameras and infrared cameras in addition to specialized software that integrate external databases or with third-party systems capable to perform relevant queries.

Innovations / Improvements

• Higher quality and speed in service monitoring.

• Read 300% more license plates than an on-foot controller.

• facilitates the detection of vehicles that have any type of incident: Stolen, uninsured, without annual technical inspection or being searched by the authorities for any other reason.

• improves worker conditions and reduce occupational  risks.

• helps road discipline by capturing images of vehicles that are incorrectly parked,  travel along the bus lane or invade sidewalks.