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Ossa Morena

The Ossa Morena Zone (OMZ) corresponds to a metallogenic area with great potential in metals such as copper, gold, iron, nickel and others, which extends along 400 km from Portugal to the Guadalquivir river basin in the north of Andalusia and Extremadura.

It is located between the Iberian Central Zone to the north and the South Portuguese Zone to the south, known for hosting the famous Iberian Pyritic Belt, internationally known and with a mining history of more than 3,000 years, containing the greatest concentration of massive sulphides in the world, being a source of base metals such as Copper, Lead, Zinc, and precious metals such as Gold and Silver. One of the most important features of the OMZ is the Olivenza-Monesterio Antiform (OMA).

This geological structure extends approximately 300 km in a NW-SE[MRD1] direction and is delimited by a Shear Zone. Various igneous events took place in this tectonic zone from the lower Cambrian to Carboniferous times. All this complexity produces the right sitting for the formation of mineral deposits. 

A  great number of mineral occurrences and mining operations are located along the Ossa Morena geological structure, among which the Aguablanca Nickel and Copper mine stands out. 

Valoriza Minería carries out exploration activities in Copper-Gold and Nickel-Copper mineralization, holding 21 Investigation permits and the Aguablanca Mine, which cover an area of 1,240.7 km2.

The set of properties of the copper  belt in the Ossa Morena area, as well as the  disposition of consolidated infrastructure and scarce population, represent an excellent opportunity for the development and promotion of mining projects from their initial stages, providing a great potential for high-grade copper production.

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