angle-left Mantoverde SWRO desalination plant

Mantoverde SWRO desalination plant

Design, construction and commissioning by Sacyr Industrial-Sadyt, in consortium with Sacyr, of the seawater treatment plant for the AngloAmerican Norte mining company, Mantoverde Division (Chile).
EPC contract.
The desalination plant, with an average capacity of 120 l/s, expandable to 300 l/s, captures sea water and desalinates it to produce water destined for the Minera Mantoverde, located at 35 km and 700 m altitude, where it is sent by means of two pumping stations.
The plant has pressurized Ultrafiltration as a pretreatment.


Flow Rate (m3/d)

2 years

Contract duration


Sacyr's participation