Leaves Falling Prediction in Platanus sp

Leaves Falling Prediction in Platanus sp

The challengue

Platanus Sp is a tree species widely distributed in Spain, not only by the parks and gardens of cities and towns, but also along its streets and avenues, becoming 40% of the trees present in our cities.

The leaves falling is one of the main problems to be taken into account in the preparation and determination of the planning of street cleaning municipal services, since these services can in certain cases achieve very high costs.

The solution

Investigation of the process of abscission of leaves on Platanus sp, in order to develop a predictive model that would allow us to know more precisely the behavior of this species, evaluating the season of leaves falling and trying to fit it to a shorter period that would ensure road safety and cleanliness of cities.

Innovations / Improvements

• Reduction in the  time required to perform park and garden leaves cleaning and collection services.

• Reduction in costs associated with leaves cleaning and collection in  parks and gardens.

• Improves the service quality.

This project has been funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)