angle-left Alconchel Mining-Industrial Project

Alconchel Mining-Industrial Project

The Mining-Industrial Alconchel project is located within the geological area of Ossa Morena. Once the permit was  exhaustively investigated, an exploitation concession has been requested for the benefit of copper, gold and iron  ores.

Artisanal mining has existed in the project area until  the 1930s due to the outcropping high grades of the emerging grades. Valoriza Minería, through exploration drilling and different technical studies has proven the existence of a copper deposit of very high interest. 

For its development, VM plans to make investments of EUR 45 million, of which EUR 13 million correspond to the mine itself and 70% (EUR 32 million) are related to the industrial activity of benefitting the ore. The Alconchel project will generate wealth in the area and contribute to the social and economic development of Alconchel, with special emphasis on environmental protection. 

During the life of the project, around 150 direct jobs will be created, between the mine, the treatment plant and general staff/administration and services and around 600 indirect jobs, applying a multiplier factor of 4, as argued in the “Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on Non-Energy Mining in Europe”.  The exploitation will be by open pit due to the outcropping situation of the ore and will be carried out in phases along 9 years.

Throughout the life of the mine, a progressive restoration of the final structures will be carried out to minimize the impact of the activity. The mining pits are located behind the Hills of Algarbe and the Herrerías, so they will not be visible from any point of the Alconchel village.

Alconchel (Badajoz)


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