The challenge

Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales , has obtained a patent of manufacture and commercialization of RARX, a product that revolutionizes the way to manufacture bituminous mixtures with rubber with the appearance of the so-called semi-wet method, which does not require specialized machinery and reduces the minimum amounts of mixture to be developed.

This product has demonstrated its feasibility on a pilot scale and is intended to expand the spectrum of action at the industrial level.

The solution

Facilitate the commercialization of RARX technology, which has been demonstrated in pilot tests great benefits in the mechanical characteristics of the pavements, as well as in the reduction of noise pollution caused by traffic.

To do this, all necessary processes will be carried out at the industrial and business level to allow the additive to be manufactured and marketed

Innovations / Improvements

• Valorization of out-of-use tires, reducing the amount of this waste destined for landfill.


• Reduction of the use of bitumens and crude in the asphalt manufacturing, being replaced by out-of-use tires.

• Reduction in traffic noise and improvement in the mechanical characteristics of the pavement.

• Infrastructure improvement in the out-of-use tire treatment plant in Chiloeches to allow the international marketing of the additive.

• Promote the circular economy


This project has been funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Fast Track Innovation program.