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The challenge

Waste collection management systems in cities show high deficiencies due to the lack of technological solutions capable of providing adequate reliability to know the actual level of waste admission available in containers adapting them to management of waste collection routes, at a competitive price.

The solution

Develop a new comprehensive and smart management system for the road cleaning and waste collection service, composed of two transversal developments:

- an innovative-ultrasonic sensor for the filling of high-precision waste containers based on acoustic lenses and equipped with artificial intelligence;

- And a tool for creating and managing intelligent and optimal work routes in real time, taking into account all the casuistry of the different services.

Innovations / Improvements

• Increase the effectiveness of sensors by incorporating genetic algorithms into their measurement.

• Possibility of designing more stable collection routes.

• Increased efficiency and applicability of the filling control system.

• Cost savings through an economically sustainable solution.


This project has been funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development