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angle-left Sacyr signs up to the "Business Ambition for 1,5ºC"
  • Sacyr signs up to the "Business Ambition for 1,5ºC"

    • The multinational commits itself to meeting emission reduction targets designed to limit the rise in global temperature to less than 1.5°C above that of the preindustrial era.


    Sacyr has signed a commitment to Business Ambition for 1.5°C”, an initiative encouraging companies all over the world to align themselves with the United Nations’ target to limit the rise in global temperatures to less than 1.5ºC above what it was in pre-industrial times.

    As part of this objective, Sacyr has signed the letter of support for Science Based Target (SBTi), a combined initiative of CDP, the United Nations Global compact, the Institute for World Resources and the WWF. SBT will assist in establishing science-based strategies against climate change to reduce gas emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect. This represents yet another action by Sacyr to protect the climate.

    Sacyr has become one of the companies and organizations that have signed up to this objective. The “Business Ambition for 1.5ºC” commitment has been signed by a total of over 177 companies. These companies employ over 5.8 million workers in 36 countries, and represent annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions equivalent to those of a country the size of France.

    Sacyr’s commitment to this initiative forms part of its responsibility in the fight against climate change. The company sees the issue of CO2 as a priority action within its organization and contributes to improving the environment in which it operates.


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