Melilla's Network Maintenance Service

Melilla's Network Maintenance Service

The management of the maintenance service of networks and connections for the supply of drinking water and sewage sanitation, reverse osmosis plants, remote control system and ornamental fountains of the Autonomous City of Melilla, includes the following operations:

  • Maintenance, improvement and expansion of networks. 250 km of supply network and 220 km of sanitation network.
  • Maintenance and conservation of desalination plants. 7 reverse osmosis plants with 20 m3 / day of unit capacity.
  • Inspection, conservation and maintenance of ornamental fountains in the Autonomous City of Melilla. 29 pcs.
  • Control of the quality of water for human consumption as prescribed in R.D 140/2003, as well as updating the SINAC database for the Autonomous City of Melilla.
  • Maintenance of the Telecontrol system and updating of the GIS system of the supply and sanitation network of the Autonomous City of Melilla.


Total population served


Sacyr's participation

6 years

Contract period