In the area of airports, Sacyr Maintenance is present in 12 airports owned by AENA:


- Adolfo Suárez Madrid - Barajas Airport

- Almería Airport

- Asturias Airport

- Bilbao Airport

- Costa del Sol - Málaga Airport

- Federico García Lorca - Jaén Airport

- Jerez de la Frontera Airport

- La Coruña Airport

- Santiago de Compostela Airport

- Seve Ballesteros - Santander Airport

- Seville Airport

- VIgo Airport


In them, Sacyr Maintenance provides maintenance services for urbanization and access, building, activity area and hydraulic networks, aligned with the aim of ensuring that the airport service keeps the highest level of quality.


In addition, Sacyr Maintenance is part of the Action Plan against ice and snow of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, a coordinated action program established for times of meteorological predictions of snow or ice, with the aim of minimizing the consequences in the normal operation of the airport and its accesses.


This Plan contemplates the execution of preventive tasks against frost, the removal of snow or ice and salt spreading in the pavement of the activity area and in the accesses of the airport.


The main actions are:

- Ice Prevention service in areas of traffic jams on the Air Side and on the Earth Side. 

- Salt supply used to stop the damages caused by ice and snow.

- Application of preventive treatments on the Air Side and on the Earth Side in case of snow forecast.

- Snow removal tasks on tracks, parking spaces as well as Air Side and Earth Side roads.