Bus driver card

If you are a bus driver… CafeStop Bus is for you!

What is CafeStop Bus?

CafeStop Bus is Cafestore's Service Areas loyalty program, designed for bus drivers who visit us with their groups of travelers*, with which we offer exclusive incentives, promotions and gifts in our restaurants and cafés.

How does it work?

Every time you stop at our facilities with your group of travelers, hand over your CafeStop Bus card (online or physical) to our staff and they will take care of applying your special conditions.

How do I sign up for CafeStop Bus?

  1. Ask for the CafeStop Bus registration form in any Service Area Cafestore. Decide beforehand whether you would prefer an online card (through the Cafestore App) or a physical card, and inform our staff. They will give you the corresponding form.
  2. Fill out the form and hand it over to the Cafestore center staff.
  3. In less than 48 hours you will be ready to use CafeStop Bus. However, by courtesy of Cafestore and so that you don't have to wait, the benefits of CafeStop Bus will apply from the very beginning.

See the CafeStop program general terms and conditions**.


*For bus drivers visiting us with groups of travelers of more than 10 people.

**If you belong to both loyalty programs, CafeStop Bus and CafeStop Traveler, then the discounts, promotions and special conditions will not apply to both programs, and users should choose one program or the other.