Deliquo Companies

Deliquo is our brand of catering services aimed at private companies and organized catering.

With Deliquo we have developed an innovative concept that merges collective catering services with modern restaurant services, with each space designed to focus on the needs of each company.

Business Parks.- In its Campo de las Naciones restaurant (Av. del Partenón, 16-18, Madrid), Deliquo offers a restaurant service open to the public, with an open kitchen, where we provide healthy and varied food with different cooking styles so that the user's choice is as varied and fast as possible. And every day is different!

Business Services.- We offer companies the option of having a Deliquo restaurant within their facilities for their employees. Following the Deliquo line, we strive to create spaces tailored to the needs of each company by providing comprehensive management of collective catering services. The company Publicis has entrusted its company restaurant to Deliquo, with excellent results.

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