Motorways and highways

Service Areas

Cafestore is the 2nd national operator in motorway Travel Retail.

Today we operate in 11 autonomous communities with 26 service areas where we offer our experience in catering and regional product stores, with the aim of continuing selective growth on high capacity roads.

In our establishments we provide the services necessary to offer travelers a rest in their trip breaks: cafeteria, full-service restaurant, self-service restaurant, convenience store, disabled access, parking for cars, trucks and coaches, toilets with shower and disabled toilets, baby changing facilities, Wi-Fi, etc.

We provide a catering service to travelers, tailored to every visitor profile: professional travelers, tourists and short-haul travelers.

Our outlets are a catering facility created to suit national and international visitors at any time of day.


Service Stations

We have agreements with Repsol and Cepsa to operate in some of their service stations, where users can fill up with fuel in a convenient and fuss-free manner.

In addition, we have convenience stores with premium regional products and takeaway products to make people’s trips more enjoyable. 

A small point of sale with a world of taste.

On the map, you can see the location of each of our outlets on motorways and highways.

In featured projects you will find information about each of our centers.