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  • This is how we care for the green lungs of Madrid

    This is how we care for the green lungs of Madrid

    Meet the Valoriza team responsible for the green spaces and historical gardens of Spain’s capital

    A great multidisciplinary team from Valoriza (Sacyr Services), integrated by more than 1,000 professionals, who are responsible every day of the management and conservation of:

    • 1/3 of the green spaces in Madrid; more than 1,100 hectares.
    • SERVER (Servicio de Evaluación y Revisión Verde, ‘Tree Assessment and Revision Services’) of Madrid, with 1.7 million trees, stays ahead of the potential incidents that the trees can cause.
    • Historical gardening conservation services for ‘Patrimonio Nacional’ of the gardens of the Royal Site of La Granja (Segovia), the Campo del Moro, El Pardo, Aranjuez and El Escorial gardens. These total 650 hectares of forest surface, 460 hectares of formal historical gardens, and individual assessments of 90,000 trees.

    Their principal objective is to protect biodiversity and the environment. 

    Chicharro, Diego Marchante, Francisco Sempere, Robert Jason, and Noelia Hernández tell us about their work in this new edition of #SacyrTeams. 

    We are Sacyr!

  • Sacyr Maintenance renews the winter highway administration of Madrid-Barajas Airport.

    Sacyr Maintenance renews the winter highway administration of Madrid-Barajas Airport.

    Sacyr Maintenance has renewed its contract for the service of the Winter Action Plan for the 2023-2025 winter seasons of Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas airport.
    This service includes the purchase of winter equipment for the airport and the service of preventative anti-frost treatment and the cleanup and removal of frost and snow using grit, both in the transit area and the access ways to Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport.
    The contract, awarded by AENA, is for a three-year term in a joint venture with Tralemsa Obras y Servicios. 

  • Sacyr Social signs collaboration agreement with the Randstad Foundation to recruit 30 people with disabilities

    Sacyr Social signs collaboration agreement with the Randstad Foundation to recruit 30 people with disabilities

    Sacyr advances on providing Access to equal opportunities with an innovative and socially committed project. 
    The Randstad Foundation and Sacyr Social have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly develop a program to promote the inclusion of 30 people with disabilities.
    The agreement was signed by María Viver, Director of the Randstad Foundation, and Enrique Díaz Renovales, Director of Sacyr Social. 
    The Randstad Foundation will recruit and train these people so they can obtain their official certificates in social healthcare for dependent people. The training will consist of 370 hours of theory and 80 hours of practical training.
    Once the training is over, Sacyr Social will assume the labor insertion of these professionals at their different offices.
    This agreement sets an innovative and socially committed project in motion, that will bring quality to both public administrations and the different stakeholders that will benefit from it.
    Sacyr Social
    Sacyr Social is a Sacyr Services company, specializing in providing social services that attend more than 20,000 dependent people all over Spain (senior citizens, functionally diverse people, minors at risk of social inclusion, or people with severe disabilities).
    Sacyr Social works with a social attention model centered on people, it develops strategies to improve the quality of life of elderly people and dependent groups, promoting an active and health aging process, preventing isolation. 
    Its services include the management of senior homes, day care centers, home care, and sheltered housing.

  • Sacyr, among the European companies that have achieved the greatest reductions in their emissions

    Sacyr, among the European companies that have achieved the greatest reductions in their emissions

    The Europe’s Climate Leaders 2022 list, by the Financial Times and Statista, situates Sacyr as a leading company in its commitment to sustainablity and the environment. 

    For the second consecutive year,Sacyr is featured in the ‘Europe’s Climate Leaders 2022’

    list published by the prestigious newspaper Financial Times and Statista, which recognizes the companies that have achieved the greatest reductions in greenhouse gas emissions between 2015 and 2020.

    In this period, we have reduced our emissions by 45%, a feat that endorses the work we have done in recent years, and the path to meet the goals set in our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

    In addition, the Financial Times highlights our leadership position (’Leadership') in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and our ambitious goals approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), which are in line with what climate experts and scientist consider necessary to cap the global temperature increase at 1.5°C.

    Our commitment: carbon neutrality

    We are determined to play an active role in the fight against climate change and reducing emissions is one of the foundations of our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, in which we have made the commitment to transition to a carbon neutral economy before 2050.

    In late 2021, our emission reduction objectives were validated by SBTi to become a Net Zero company by 2050. We are committed to reducing our absolute Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 42%, and Scope 3 emissions by 25% in 2030 (base year 2020).

    We have been calculating the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our activities for years. We prepare our emissions inventory following the GHG Protocol methodology and submit it to an independent verification study, according to the standard ISAE 3410 "Assurance Engagements on greenhouse gas statements".

    In addition, last year we received for the first time the triple seal “Calculo, Reduzo y Compenso” granted by the Spanish Office of Climate Change (OECC), of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

  • Fundación Integra recognizes our commitment to volunteer work

    Fundación Integra recognizes our commitment to volunteer work

    Javier Arias de Luxan, Director of People operations of Sacyr Services, received the award at the 4th edition of the Awards for Commitment to Volunteer work and Training. At the event, representatives from Fundación Integra gave an honorable mention to the commitment and involvement of companies like Sacyr.
    The Fundación Integra recognizes the commitment and work of corporate volunteers and their respective companies, that offer social and work-related training at the foundation’s training school, as well as coaches and mentors that implement career orientation processes to help people in severe social exclusion situations improve their employment chances and access to a job.
    For this institution, “volunteers help people at risk of social exclusion to rediscover their talent and skills, give them tips, knowledge, and tools to ease their access to the job market”. 

    The Foundation’s School has been running since 2011 and since then, 2,500 volunteers from 90 different companies have offered training sessions. Every year, more than 600 volunteers offer their help to facilitate people at risk of social exclusion their access to employment. With their support, the Foundation has secured more than 18,500 jobs for people in vulnerable situations who have started new lives thanks to these opportunities.

  • Sacyr Social to provide the home care service in Fuengirola (Málaga)

    Sacyr Social to provide the home care service in Fuengirola (Málaga)

    The City Hall of Fuengirola (Málaga) has entrusted to Sacyr Social the management of the home care service for people in dependency situations for a period of two years extensible for another two.
    With a Con una plantilla de casi 100 profesionales, atenderá las necesidades de los fuengiroleños que se centran en las actuaciones domésticas de su vivienda y la atención personal de los usuarios para promover su autonomía personal y favorecer el desarrollo de sus capacidades personales y de hábitos de vida adecuados.
    With a workforce of nearly 100 professionals, Sacyr Social will tend to the needs of the citizens of Fuengirola in regard to homecare assistance and personal care of the users to promote their personal autonomy and the development of their personal skills and healthy lifestyle habits.
    Sacyr Social is formed by a great team of professionals, including social workers, educators, and social integrators who work to improve the quality of life of those that need it with personal and social support.

  • Sacyr boosted its Ebitda by 25% to €243 million, in a quarter in wich profitability reached a record 20.3%

    Sacyr boosted its Ebitda by 25% to €243 million, in a quarter in wich profitability reached a record 20.3%

    Sacyr ended the first quarter of 2022 with an EBITDA of €243 million, 25% higher than that in the same period in 2021. Between January to March, profitability (EBITDA margin) made records and situated at 20.3%, 200 basic points higher than that reached a year ago. 
    These figures are proof of the strength of Sacyr’s business model, which is predictable, recurring, and stable, in a challenging and uncertain macroeconomic scenario. 83% of the EBITDA came from P3 assets with low demand risk.
    Revenues grew by 13% in the first quarter of the year, to €1,196 million, and the net business profit raised to €40 million (+57%). The Group’s net result decreased by 21%, to €20 million, due to the fact that the profit last year included the company’s participation in Repsol. 
    The company’s growth was achieved in a challenging international scenario, due to the Covid-19 and the raw materials shortage and logistics crises. 
    Net recourse debt went from €681 million to €798 million, largely due to the investments carried out in this period. The commitment for 2022 is to reduce net recourse debt by nearly €200 million, in relation to the figure at the end of 2021.
    The company continues to work on cutting net recourse debt, with the aim of having reduced it drastically by the end of the Strategic Plan, in 2025.
    Operating cash flow rose to €150 million, with a 28% growth compared to the first quarter of 2021.
    Future revenue backlog increases by 5%
    Sacyr ended the first quarter with a backlog of €48,343 million, 5% more than in the same period in 2021. 81% of this value comes from Sacyr Concesiones, 13% from Sacyr Engineering and Infrastructures, and the remaining 6%, from Sacyr Services.

    The relevant contracts in this period include the Ruta 78 P3 in Chile, the construction of a transportation hub in Northern Ireland, and a section of the US62 road in the United States, as well as several street cleaning services, one of them in Barcelona. 

  • Sacyr raises Ebitda by 28% to €923 million in a year with a record backlog

    Sacyr raises Ebitda by 28% to €923 million in a year with a record backlog

    The operating cash flow increases to 15%, to € 629 million, which contributes to cutting net recourse debt by 19%, to € 681 million; this fulfills the company’s commitment to reducing it below € 700 million.

    The company registers a net profit of - € 189 million largely due to the change in the accounting method of its participation in Repsol, and the recording of a provision for the Radiales project. This impact only has accounting effects and does not entail cashout flow for the group. 

    Sacyr’s focus on P3 projects is reflected on its EBITDA: these assets represented 83% of the EBITDA in 2021. Profitability soars to 19.7%, significantly higher (+24%) than that in 2020 (15.9%).

    The revenue backlog increases by 17%, to nearly € 46 billion, after a year with a record order intake in which the group accrued an € 11 billion backlog worth of new contracts. 

  • Valoriza Medioambiente is awarded multiple "Pajaritas Azules"

    Valoriza Medioambiente is awarded multiple

    Once again, ASAPEL’s program, Pajaritas Azules, has awarded the work Valoriza Medioambiente does in six Spanish cities. This program recognizes best practices on recycling paper and cardboard. 
    With the highest award, three Pajaritas Azules, the cities of Cádiz, Lleida and Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona), are no strangers to these awards, as some of the most committed cities to recycling paper and cardboard.
    Soria consolidates its status as an exemplar city. Soria had already been recognized for its commendable waste management and street cleaning and has received the maximum award (three Pajaritas Azules) for the fifth consecutive year.
    The town of Reus, Tarragona, where Valoriza Medioambiente also operates, has received two Pajaritas Azules for its management of paper and cardboard recycling. 
    Elisabet Alier, president of ASAPEL, Ismael Aznar, from the Directorate General for Quality and Environmental assessment of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, and Ana Jiménez, head of the Pajaritas Azules program, participated in the award ceremony. All of them have stressed the importance of improving the efficiency of the collecting systems for separated waste, by adapting it to the new habits of the consumers. 
    These awards recognize local administrations, groups of municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, and province capitals that are committed to the quality of municipal waste sorting services and paper and cardboard recycling, but they also give more visibility to the excellent work that Valoriza Medioambiente does. This confirms our commitment to sustainability and the environment

  • Aprobado el proyecto de investigación SOS AGUA XXI de la Convocatoria MISIONES CIENCIA E INNOVACIÓN CDTI 2021

    Aprobado el proyecto de investigación SOS AGUA XXI de la Convocatoria MISIONES CIENCIA E INNOVACIÓN CDTI 2021

    The research project "SUSTAINABILITY, WATER AND AGRICULTURE IN THE 21st CENTURY", SOS-AGUA-XXI, has been approved and will be subsidized by the CDTI and supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation through the 2021 call of the Science and Innovation Missions program. The project aims the development of a series of actions capable of boosting the Spanish agriculture sector through the Mission "Agriculture of the 21st Century". The project has a budget of € 6 million and will be financed by CDTI with the Next Generation EU funds.

    The aim of the project is to research sustainable and energy-efficient technological solutions to develop strategies for the efficient management and treatment of water resources for the agricultural sector. This will allow to guarantee the quality and quantity of water resources, as well as to adapt and prepare the Spanish agricultural sector to combat the progressive scarcity of conventional water resources and the effects of climate change.

  • VALREC project launched to promote the circular economy in Construction and Demolition waste (CDW)

    VALREC project launched to promote the circular economy in Construction and Demolition waste (CDW)
    • This initiative is led by Surge Ambiental and Valoriza (Sacyr Group), together with seven other companies in the Community of Madrid. 
    • It will prevent the dumping of up to 2 million tons of CDW per year and will reduce the carbon footprint of companies by 20%. 
    • VALREC is part of the “Open Innovation Business Hubs”, co-financed by the Community of Madrid and the European Regional Development Fund. 

    Surge Ambiental and Valoriza (Sacyr Group) lead the VALREC project together with seven other companies in the Community of Madrid. This project was created to develop innovative solutions to increase the circularity, traceability and purity of mineral resources present in Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW), and thus make an eco-efficient manufacture of new construction materials. The project will run for two years, and the budget amounts to more than €5 million. 

    This project also involves ALLGAIER MOGENSEN, ADCORE, SIKA, SODIRA, HORMICRUZ, KOLOKIUM and GBCe (Green Building Council España) and is supported by the research and technological development center TECNALIA, from Instituto Eduardo Torroja de Ciencias de la Construcción IETcc and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

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