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  • Sacyr´s Board of Directors approves sustainability policy framework

    Sacyr´s Board of Directors approves sustainability policy framework

    Sacyr’s Board of Directors has approved the new Sustainability Policy Framework, which supersedes the existing Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. The Policy Framework ensures that all group activities promote the creation of long-term value for the company, our shareholders and every stakeholder and comply with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

    The new Policy—advocated by the Board, the body responsible for approving the multinational’s sustainability policies—creates an adequate framework for Sacyr to position sustainability as the cornerstone of its Strategic Plan.

    The Sustainability and Corporate Governance Commission and the Sustainability Committee are tasked with proposing, implementing, and supervising all initiatives undertaken by the group in this field.

    With its efforts in sustainability and its collaborations with stakeholders, Sacyr aims to fight climate change, promote diversity, and facilitate a work/life balance, while safeguarding health and safety and ensuring a positive social impact.