Special Employment Center

Throughout our business history and as a company belonging to the Sacyr Group, we have developed commitments aimed at decisively driving a model of excellence and extending it to all levels of the organization, making Corporate Social Responsibility a central element of our business culture and management.

We have taken a further step in the area of social integration of groups at risk of exclusion by creating the Valoriza Special Employment Center that promotes the recruitment of people with disabilities (PWD). We work together with private companies and public bodies to support the labor inclusion of this group.

Valoriza SEC is the ideal platform for incorporating PWDs into the ordinary labor market, always ensuring fair wage equalization and promoting equal opportunities in the professional development of the Group, through internal and external promotion.

We have Support Units, consisting of multi-professional teams, which, by undertaking the roles and tasks established in the General Law on Disability, help us to overcome the barriers, obstacles or difficulties that workers may have when being incorporated into their jobs, as well as remaining in them and making progress.

The Valoriza SEC staff is divided into different public administration centers and private companies where we provide cleaning, auxiliary and maintenance services.