Maintenance Service

At Sacyr Facilities we undertake the provision of these technical services with professionals with a high degree of specialization and service vocation.

Our services include:

  1. Use of computer monitoring and control tools (CAMM)
  2. Running facilities
  3. Preventive, corrective and technical-legal maintenance
  4. Incident management through our 24 hour/365 day Call Center
  5. Construction and renovation of buildings and facilities
  6. Energy audits and management


We also have a high skilled team in the management, control and execution of works and facilities, including refurbishment, extension, remodeling and adaptation to the regulations on buildings and facilities.

This service is based on strict compliance with the commitment to the Customer with regard to expected qualities, execution deadlines and budget allocation. Because of this, we offer management and execution of works and facilities, project engineering, space planning, transfer management, technical removals and technical audits (facilities).


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