Sacyr Social

We are among the top three companies specializing in the provision of social services.

We develop management programs in response to the existing demand for services to vulnerable people, with a rigorously professional approach, guaranteeing quality to the Public Administrations and to the different groups (older people, people with functional diversity, etc.). We focus our activity toward society through a sustainable and cost-effective business management model, which brings added value to all stakeholders.

We work from a people-centered Care Model by developing strategies that allow attention to be paid to the life dimensions of each user and their personal abilities. This model allows us to share care decisions with the individual and/or their family by focusing on the design of interventions from the point of view of the user and not the system.

We provide services throughout Spain, allowing us to be in touch with centers and services to give a response to the real needs of the user and the administration according to the characteristics of each managed service.

Based on new technologies, we have innovative applications in managed services with the aim of improving the quality of care for users. These are comprehensive service and center management tools that allow us to optimize organizational information and personalized care. In addition, we have communications systems that respond to the need for contact between the family environment and services in a direct, effective and secure manner.

Our services include:  Management of care homes, Day centers, Home-based assistance, Sheltered housing.

+ 30

Care homes (RD) and Day Centers (CD)

+ 2,000

Places (RD + CD)

+ 37,000

Persons cared for

+ 960