Hydraulic Works

Sacyr Maintenance has spread its activity to new markets, always in the ambit of conservation, maintenance and exploitation, in order to take advantage of its growth potential. This is how it has been consolidated in the operation and maintenance of dams, mini hydroelectric power plants, irrigation networks, as well as in the execution of works that improve their uses.


From our commitment to excellence, we work tirelessly on three main activities focused on safety, sustainability and service, ensuring the quality of the water resource and the natural environment.


The main activities in this area are:

- Maintenance and conservation of equipment and installations, electromechanical and civil works, as well as complementary services.

- Operation of equipment and facilities.

- Control and monitoring according to specific procedures that guarantee the quality of the service.


112 Km

Canal, capacity up to 60 m3/s

3 dams

Main in watering area

82.000 ha

Watering area

141 Km

Main irrigation ditches