Valoriza Minería

Valoriza Minería was created in 2014 with the aim of developing mining projects from a global point of view, from exploration and investigation research to the exploitation of minerals and final restoration of the land, taking care of administrative and technical work.


Throughout these years, the company has reached strategic agreements with leading companies in the sector. Due to this, Valoriza Minería has experienced a fast growth in its short existence, extending in a short time throughout the national territory.

The European Union is trying to create its  own market for metals on the continent to ensure that communitary products come from responsible and sustainable mining, complying with current legislation on the environment, safety and labor rights, among others. Valoriza Minería is actively participating in this initiative, reviving a historic sector in Spain with high potential due to the new technological improvements of the 21st century.

Trough its subsidiary companies, the company is focused on two distinct phases: the development of Research Permits to create new profitable and sustainable projects, and the operation and administration of these projects. Its main subsidiaries are:

  • Tunsgten San Finx and Tungsten San Juan, which operate tungsten and tin mines in Lousame and A Gudiña, respectively.
  • Río Narcea Recursos, which operates the Aguablanca mine in Monesterio (Badajoz).
  • Río Narcea Nickel, focused on mining exploration and development of new exploitation projects.

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