Mission, Vision and Values

Our fundamental purpose is to develop complex infrastructure and service projects, our vision is to be a reference leading group with an international profile and our values will guide us in our collective behavior: team spirit, excellence, innovation, adaptability and integrity.

At Sacyr we have renewed our mission, vision and values to adapt to the group's new environment and strategic vision.


Develop complex infrastructure and service projects that:

  • Contribute to improving citizens’ quality of life.
  • Offer our employees personal and professional development opportunities.
  • Generate value for our customers, partners and shareholders.


To be a reference leading group with an international profile

  • Developing innovative, high-value projects.
  • Growing profitably and steadily.
  • Providing quality employment opportunities for our employees.
  • Being environmentally friendly.



• Team spirit: Trust, Collaboration, Loyalty
• Excellence: Rigor, Talent, Passion.
• Innovation: Imagination, Creativity, Boldness
• Adaptability: Resilience, Pragmatism, Austerity
• Integrity: Honesty, Transparency